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Product Name

Flat Solar Panels

Product Description

CareyGlass Solar flat plate collectors are constructed from extruded aluminium profiles with either powder coated or an anodized finish and with crimped corners. The transparent cover is a low iron heat treated glass with a selective coating which traps the suns radiation. Inside the collector there is high density insulation at the back and sides.

The absorber is manufactured from aluminium with an absorber coating. Copper tubes are laser welded onto the back of this absorber plate in which the heat transfer liquid is pumped through. The pipes can be arranged in a serpentine or harp configuration. Each collector has an inlet and outlet, a vent and temperature pocket. Collectors can be mounted in portrait and landscape and can be connected in series, in parallel or in a combination of both.

Technical Specification

Overall area :2,09
Absorber area (m2): 1,92
Aperture area (m2): 1,92
Length (mm):2030
Width (mm):1030
Height (mm):87
Overall weight (kg):48,2
Absorber type:GRID
Absorbers capacity:1.97
Thickness (mm):0,50
Absorption:95% +/- 2%
Emission:5% +/- 2%
Max working pressure (bar):10
Heat transfer medium:PROPYLENE GLYCOL